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Audiodise is a concept of strictly open-air electronic music events that are going to take place in special natural locations such as a natural beach or in the jungle, daytime and also sometimes nighttime. 

The name comes from the combination of Audio and Paradise: we want to invite people to come and rave literally in a paradise place, to make them feel like they are in paradise such as when you are on holiday on a remote beach in the middle of the Caribbean. We want people to feel that connection with nature to be more receptive to the coordinated movement of the air that is the sound of the music played by the DJs. 


The concept includes a dimension of social solidarity between people. We are looking to find ways to include crowdfunding to the concept and avoid the maximum possible presence of money or rules in the event. 

For example our opening event on the beach of el Prat the Sunday 19 of OFF week is a free entry event and with it we ambition to bring back the spirit of what were supposed to be the off week events in the beginning: a special event opened to the public putting renowned DJs in a position of proximity with the his public playing in an unusual location. When people think of OFF SONAR in Barcelona they all imagine an event on the beach with  famous DJs playing in an intimate set up on an incredible sound, and well, we are going to do this, and for free. 

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