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The musical focus of our event series centers around specific genres that we feel are particularly well-suited to the concept and locations we have chosen. These genres include 90s underground House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, and Breaks.

The choice to focus on the sound of the 1990s is grounded in both technical and creative justifications.
Technically speaking, the analog machines used to produce music in that era had a unique texture that was clearer and less bass-heavy than the music produced today, which is largely created using computer programs. Additionally, creatively speaking, we can hear how the first generation of producers during that time were heavily influenced by other forms of music during their upbringing, allowing them to create more timeless sounds.
In contrast, contemporary producers have grown up listening to electronic music and may be more focused on adding their own elements to the genre, sometimes at the expense of the foundational elements that made the music so groundbreaking in the first place.


By incorporating these musical styles, we hope to capture the essence of a bygone era while also providing our guests with a unique and memorable experience. Our focus on the technical and creative aspects of music ensures that the sounds we showcase are of the highest quality and provide a truly immersive experience for our guests.

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