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Musically the event series will unofficially target kinds of music that we consider fit for the concept and the locations that we will choose: 90s underground House, Progessive house, Progressive Trance, and Breaks.

The focus on the nineties sound has a justification on the technical side and the creative side. First, on the technical side, the sound of that era was produced with machines that gave it a special texture, more clear and less bassy than the music of today almost entirely produced with computer programs. Then, on the creative side, we can feel that producers were kind of the first generation of their kind and had been influenced by other kinds of music during their youth, allowing them to produce much more timeless sounds. Now producers would have grown up listening to electronic music and would try to add something to it, often forgetting about the basics, unlike the nineties producers that were kind of the pioneers of this music maybe even sometimes in the eighties already.


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