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The nature: beach, jungle. We aim to connect people to their natural environment. 

The sunset: the event series will aim to take place around the sunset time, start before it and finish after it. 

The Woman: we want to promote a feminism that does only focus on fighting a patriarchy but that also fully embrace the sensuality and the freedom of the woman. Images of hippy women casually topless in the seventies is a great representation of it. 

The Man: we want to represent men as they were also represented in the seventies, like explorers of their world and their own selves, seeking for freedom but also full of respect and principle, and free from their own toxic masculinity towards women. 

The Travel: as in the trip by flight that takes you to the other side of the planet and makes you discover a different part of the world to fulfill your different sensation. You feel free when you go on a trip like that and we want to give the same feeling to the people coming to our events. 

The road trip: it also gives you a sensation of freedom but this time allows you to enjoy the actual trip, the road and the contemplation of the landscapes. 

The Sound: the sound is the vibration of the air. We want to remind the people that sound is air vibration and therefore something completely natural even if we use machines to create it in our kind of music. We want to give the best sound experience thanks to the natural elements of the locations where the events will take place. We will always chose premium quality of sound system but also our locations will make it sound better thank to the natural elements of it like the sand, the wood, the earth ground, the leaves of the trees, etc. 


The Dance: we actually aim to promote dancing in an active way. Dance should be as important as listening to the music in a rave. The body expression of the mind. People should feel free to dance, have enough space to dance, and encourage each other to dance. Too often in our music scene people don’t really dance and repeatedly move their body alone in their own space, and we want to put an end to it. We want people to dance together and feel like they have to dance with the others. It should be one of the basis of our concept, a dancing event.



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