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Chiringuito Duna, Playa Del Prat, Barcelona

| 16:00 - 03:00 | 19.06 |

To make this event unforgivable, the location needed to be unlike everyone had seen. Chiringuito Duna opens its doors and gives us the opportunity to bring professional sound and visual production literally on the beach where you will be able to dance with your naked feet in the sand ordering the best cocktail that the place is famous for.


The place is located on what is certainly the most beautiful beach of Barcelona. Playa del Prat is unique as it makes you go through the natural park of Llobregat, go along the airport's landing strip and allow you to watch the planes take off and land without interruption only a few meters away from you making you remember the best hours of DC-10 in Ibiza. The beach is completely natural and virgin of any building that would ruin the panorama. It's a true paradise where we are going to throw the most memorable event of this year's OFF season.


For the occasion, we will team up with our dear friends from Paris, the Imagine Family, as well as our Barcelona partners Chez Doc, Reverse, and La ASO to build the best experience of the week. 


Imagine Family is the new hot thing of the French capital's electronic music scene. It's the story of a group of friends in the generally working in the music industry, led by the DJ and producer Aline Brooklyn, that after 10 years of intimate mini festival on the natural beaches of south of France decided to take their concept to another level in 2021 inviting in Paris Dan Ghenacia Sweely, O.BEE, Tomas Station, Alec Falconer, Harry Wills, Giammarco Orsini, Quest, and Fumiya Tanaka in venues such as the legendaries Café Barge and Rex Club.

For many, OFF events during Sonar used to mean free access parties where you could dance on the beach, feet in the sand, in front of a sick sound system throwing beats selected by the best DJs.


It's not like that for many years unfortunately, but this year we are bringing this kind of experience back to you.

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